Nudes lipsticks for Different skin tones 💄

Not all nudes go great with every skin tone. If you’re having trouble picking the right nude for you, look no further I am here to help.

Fair Skin:


When choosing a nude for fair skin you have to be careful, some nudes can completely wash you out. So a peachy neutral shade that is close to your lip color is recommended. This helps brighten and accent you’re skin tone! 

Tan/Olive Skin:   


To highlight the golden glow of an olive skin tone, use a peachy nude. Instead of using a tawny nude, which can get muddy. A slight pink shade can accent the flush in your cheeks.

Medium Skin:  

   To match the brown undertones of this skin color, you can wear a dusty- rose nude, preferably matte. Just like olive skin opt for a pink or peachy type nude.

Medium-Deep Skin:



For medium-deep skin, opt for a warm nude 2-3 shades darker than your natural lip color, whether its pink or brown. If you want to lighten up naturally dark lips instead, choose a nude with a tint of orange, which will cancel out the darker pigments.

Deep Skin:


For dark skin, choose a golden brown nude which will accent your skins natural warmth. Stay away from pink or frosty shades that can end up looking chalky.

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(Information from Birchbox website)